Chaos Nest is a Sorcery Rune made to spawn evil beasts from Hell. Grimalkin and Dragon eggs can be summoned and upgraded from a Chaos Nest rune. The Rune appears as a red ring with two bat-like wings protruding from its sides.


Level Cast Details
Lv. 1 Summon - Grimalkin Allows you to summon the familiar, Grimalkin .
Lv. 2 Summon - Dragon Allows you to summon the familiar, Dragon .
Lv. 3 Grimalkin: Mana Burn Turn enemy MP into damage.
Lv. 4 Grimalkin: Power Up Max MP of Grimalkin is increased.
Lv. 5 Demon: Black Curse Curses the attacked enemy, doing damage over time.

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