General Info Edit

Skullmage is a Substance familiar of the Necromancy magic tree. It can only be summoned once you create a Level 3 Purgatory Rune.

Abilities Edit

The Skullmage is an extremely powerful anti-Astral unit, and a group of them can easily decimate even a Titania in moments. The trade-off is that they are not too durable, and cannot even target Substance enemies. However, higher levels of Purgatory runes allow Skullmages to cast Astralize, a skill that is able to convert any Substance unit into an Astral, regardless of the target being enemy or ally. This not only allows Skullmages to bypass cases of crippling overspecialization, but also allows for more tactics to be implemented, such as Astralizing an ally Dragon and sending it into enemy territory, or Astralizing an enemy and using Unicorn's Astral Hold.